As a dental practice owner, what keeps you up at night?

Flat Production

Employee Issues

Open Chair Time

Scheduling Nightmares

Fewer New Patients

No Work-Life Balance



The economic and business environment have changed creating different needs and expectations from patients, employees, and practices.


More dentists are entering the field than retiring. Patient dental benefits are more demanding or have disappeared. Corporate dentistry is growing.


Working overtime for underwhelming results that keep you up at night with worry over the future of your practice, employees, family and patients.



Sandy Baird - Dental Consultant


Go from surviving to thriving with Sandy Baird.
  • First, we analyze the details of your practice to pinpoint the biggest hurdles you and your team are facing.

  • Then, we develop an action plan to systemize the processes causing chaos in the office.

  • Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, your practice can realize its full potential.

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