Building a Team that Builds your Practice

Developing their company as a teamAre you looking for ways to increase your dental practice’s annual production? According to a study conducted by Harvard Review, businesses with healthy work cultures produce, on the average, 31% more than those businesses without one. Providing your team with a healthy work culture where they feel valued and secure is critical to a healthy bottom line.

There are three fundamental pieces to ensuring a healthy work environment for your dental practice.

Trust is one of the most critical components to a healthy work environment. In order to build trust you must create a safe and accepting setting for team members to contribute their observations, thoughts, and comments. This means regular team meetings, at least one per month, with a set agenda that keeps the meetings positive and productive. Everyone should be encouraged to contribute and feel they won’t be “shot down” if they diplomatically speak their mind and share their thoughts. And where healthy conflict is allowed and productive.

Beyond the regular in-office team meetings, having an annual offsite practice retreat can help develop trust and communication channels, as well as give the team critical bonding time.

It starts at the top. As the leader you must not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk and meet the same standards as expected from your employees. If you are engaged in all areas of the practice, show passion for your work, and talk positively about patients and employees, you will have an engaged, passionate and positive team.

Establishing specific expectations provides clarity to help each team member understand their role and create a cohesive team. This includes a clear and meaningful work purpose, precise job descriptions, regular employee reviews, systematic training, and diligent follow through. Having written systems, processes, and procedures provides a clear “operating manual” that will guide your dental practice and set well-defined expectations for the entire practice.

Your dental team is your most valuable resource. Make sure you have the systems in place to build a positive work culture that supports their wellbeing, and in turn the financial wellbeing of your dental practice.

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