Baird Dental Practice Client Results

Real Dental Practices, Real Results

The following returns are based on actual results from ten years of dentist-clients engaged in a one-year or more consulting program with Baird Concepts.

    • Increase in dental practice collections: increases from 78% up to 100% or a net of around $180,000 for one year.
    • Increase in new dental patients: added production of up to $96,000 for one year.
    • Increased production through scheduling: increase of production by up to 15% with Best Practice Scheduling System the equivalent of $15,000 for one year.
    • Increase of net income: increase of up to 100% of net income in one year from installing financial controls, operational systems, and accountability: Increased income of $150,000 the first year.
    • Increased hygiene/perio production: income increase of up to 200% of hygiene production. Realized income from only one year was as much as $23,000.
    • Increased acceptance in dental treatment plans: resulting in a dental practice production boost of up to  $43,000 for one year.

These results are just for a one-year period. To determine the lifetime returns to the dentist, they would need to be multiplied by the years that the dental practice implemented the changes.

Beyond the Quantitative Results

Remember, many of the most important things in our lives are not quantitative! Working with Baird Dental Concepts also provides dental practices the following benefits that we can’t put a price on.

    • Decreased stress = priceless
    • Increased employee engagement = priceless
    • Teamwork synergy = priceless
    • Increased accountability = priceless
    • Team morale = priceless
    • Leaving the office on time = priceless
    • Fewer management responsibilities = priceless
    • Less employee turnover = priceless
    • Higher patient satisfaction levels = priceless

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