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True Dental Fraud: The Lake House After reconnecting with a long-lost friend, a series of bizarre events leads a dentist to a chilling discovery. Read the true story by Sandy Baird in this month’s installment of the Fraud Blotter.


What Are Dental Practice Advocates and Why Do You Need Them? Dental patient advocates will save your practice from having to find dozens of new patients each month. How can they do that? And how do you create these advocates?

Busting Embezzlement: Part 1 –– The Problem The primary purpose of this series of articles from Sandy Baird, David Harris, and Jean Patterson is to improve the ability of dental practice owners to identify possible embezzlement through the use of financial indicators.

Busting Embezzlement: Part 2—A false sense of security among dentists This dentist had no idea that a team member was embezzling from her, even though the signs were there. These embezzlement experts say that in many cases when embezzlers are exposed, their fellow employees report their odd behavior to the boss.

How Embezzlement Hid Behind an Employee Manual In this month’s Fraud Blotter, Sandy Baird shares how her client lost more than $800,000 to a long-time employee. It’s a case of misplaced trust, outdated practice management software, and dental practice embezzlement.


How Do You Stop An Embezzler? DON’T HIRE ONE! Sandy has some excellent practical advice about how to avoid hiring mistakes that can lead to embezzlement and drawn-out legal battles.