Why Should Dentists Care About Systemization?

Empowering Dentists and their PracticesOver the last 50 years, thousands of successful businesses across many different industries have proved that turnkey or “systemized” organizations are more profitable, more flexible, less stressful, less volatile, and offer consistent predictable quality. Companies like UPS, McDonalds, Ritz-Carlton and Starbucks all know that in order to thrive they must implement systemized processes.

Many small business owners, including dentists, make business decisions on instinct. They have so much on their plate they don’t always slow down to document their decisions and processes. This appears to work on a day-by-day basis, but long-term it can cause a multitude of problems. Systemization is the solution. It provides a mechanism to release you from management responsibilities allowing you the freedom to focus on your patients and clinical skills.

In your dental office, there are specific steps to transforming your daily office management activities into efficient systems.

  1. Ask your team to document current processes that you feel best serve your patients and business.
  2. Present them at a team meeting.
  3. Discuss, revise, and finalize them at the team meeting.
  4. Set a date for implementation.
  5. Assign teachers for any necessary team training.
  6. Ensure each team member has access to the system, in digital and hard copy format.
  7. Require the use of the systems when training new team members, troubleshooting, and correcting mistakes.

The foundational systems that every successful dental practice need are:

  1. New Patient Systems
  2. Scheduling Systems
  3. Practice Monitoring Systems
  4. Financial Systems
  5. Team Development Systems
  6. Practice Development Systems

Focusing on systematization will reduce your stress, minimize team strife, and assure the knowledge about how to run your practice is retained in your business.

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