Baird Dental Concepts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your dental consulting programs last?
I design each program to accomplish the goals and objectives of my dental clients. Some clients want to use me as an off-site dental office manager, some want me to troubleshoot, some want me to hire, fire and train, and others only want me to advise and train.

Below are my most common dental consulting programs. Of course, the longer the program, typically the more permanent the changes.

  • One-day
  • 3-Month Program
  • 6-Month Program
  • 12-Month Program
  • 24-Month Program
  • Practice Analyses Packages
  • Employee Handbooks Packages

What does your dental consulting program cover?
It depends on the doctor’s goals and the needs of the practice. I usually recommend a Practice Evaluation to determine the practice’s true needs. The doctor is not always able to objectively detect these needs. The 12-month and 24-month programs include this Practice Evaluation. For the shorter programs, the doctor usually suggests specific areas of need.

In my full programs, I usually depend on the practice evaluation results and the doctor for a specific order and focus. A systems approach is used and involves designing and training of the appropriate systems, including New Patient Systems, Scheduling Systems, Financial Systems, Team Development Systems, Practice Development Systems, Practice Monitoring Systems, Communication Systems, and Compliance Systems. Also overhead, cash flow, and expansion analyses.

How much do your dental consulting programs cost?
Again, each program is customized based on the dental practice needs so it depends on the way the program is designed and it’s focus. Generally speaking, it is between $2,000 and $3,000 per full day session, not including travel expenses.  Prices vary considerably depending on the program chosen and the needs of the doctor and practice.

Do you come into my office or do you consult virtually?
I strongly believe it is more effective to come to your office and consult with the entire team including the doctors. Teamwork is a vital part of a successful dental practice and of my consulting focus. I also feel that days of observation are important to introducing and assimilating change. Occasionally, I will also consult virtually but generally find it not as effective unless I have worked on-site previously.

Can I pay monthly or must I pay all up front?
You can pay monthly, or pay it all up front to receive a 5% discount. Credit cards are accepted. I also have relationships with reputable companies that will advance you money for practice management consulting as well as other practice expenses you may need.

Can you help with marketing my dental practice?
Yes, marketing is critical to most practices in this day and time. I typically focus on internal marketing, because it is so effective, around 95%. I am also able to help with external marketing and designing a marketing plan for your practice.

I plan to retire in three-five years. Can you help me find potential buyers and do an appraisal?
No, I am a dental practice management consultant, not a practice broker; however, my husband and I sold our practice in 2010, so I know first hand what is needed and involved.  I can help you prepare for your transitions, through:

  • Preparing your team for change
  • Organizing your practice for a smoother transition.
  • Creating data transparency to offer concrete evidence to interested buyers.
  • Making your practice as profitable in order to reflect a higher selling price
  • Analyzing and controlling overhead

For best results, my part of your transition is best started 4 to 5 years prior to your transition.