Four Income Generating Tools Worth Your While

BairdConcepts_Journals“The garbage can or the to-read tub?” This was a regular question I asked my dentist-husband about his proliferating dental journals, articles, and newsletters. Of course, he always had the best intention of reading them all, so 9 out of 10 went to the “TO-READ” PILE. Many times our bedroom was lined layers high with multicolored plastic tubs full of the “to-read” pile. Not to mention the piles at his practice.

Yes, being married to a general dentist for 40 years, managing his practice for over 30 years, and now working with dentists as clients, I know well what a struggle it is to stay up-to-date with all the rapidly changing clinical dental materials, techniques, and equipment. I even did a study in graduate school on how much time a dentist needed to spend each day to stay up-to-date with all the clinical dental articles being published. It was close to SIX hours a day…every day! Impossible! And my study didn’t even include the practice management/business articles, which are just as important.

That is why I write this blog. I know my dentists don’t have time to keep up with practice management tools and rarely do their team members.

Thanks to my involvement in the Academy of Dental Practice Consultants (ADMC) and Speaking Consulting Network (SCN), I have two prime opportunities to learn about successful dental practice management services and tools in dentistry. Yearly, I attempt to analyze them and introduce to my clients the ones that might be beneficial in their practice.

Of course, It is impossible to discuss them all, but here are four worth your while. Of course, there are more, but for now, let’s focus on these four tools.

Dental Warranty: Dentistry is expensive and a large investment for your patients. Knowing their investment is protected is vital to their willingness to accept treatment. By offering Dental Warranty patients can benefit from a five-year, no-fault, protection plan on the dental work you do. Your patient’s cost is a small percentage of the cost of treatment (depending on which coverage plan you choose to offer). Your practice benefits by keeping some of the coverage fee up-front. A win-win for you and your patients.
Want more information? or contact Brad at and he can determine your ROI (some practices take-home $25,000 per $500k in eligible production).

Weave: Every dentist I know wants to capture lost income and improve communication with their patients. Weave can do this and much more. Your phone rings, Weave mines into your software and tells your team member who is calling, if they or their family members needing recare appointments, if they have an outstanding balance, or if they have treatment not scheduled all before they pick up the phone. Your team member is able to maximize the patient interaction. The fee is a flat monthly fee that usually beats what you are paying for telephone service and it does so much more!
 More information? Robb Miller; (801) 228-1598 Ext 5 | 

Virtual Dental Office: Do you have dental claims outstanding over 30 days? If so, your money is sitting in the pockets of your patient’s insurance companies instead of yours. Your team says they don’t have time to manage it every day? Solution: Virtual Dental Office, a company which stays on top of your claims assuring every penny for which you are eligible is in your pocket instead of the insurance companies’ pockets. Virtual Dental Office knows the nuances of dental insurance, which enables them to collect more efficiently than your own team. More information?;

DDS GP from Kick Your Apps: Your treatment acceptance percentage is an important aspect of a profitable practice. Educating your patients about their conditions and options is critical to case acceptance. The DDS GP app engages your patients in their treatment by visually displaying to your patients the severity of their diagnosis and their treatment options on an iPad. It allows personalization with the swipe of a finger and will email the personalized graphic-based treatment plan to your patients. You can insert your patient’s x-rays and clinical photos into the app for even greater personalization. DDS GP has been rated as the “most effective” chair-side consultation app available by industry leaders as well as your peers. It is available on iTunes and has a one-time fee, which includes free updates for life. A great deal and tool. 
More information?;

These dental practice management services may or may not be for your practice, but you should know they are out there and that are working for lots of practices.

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