Four More Tools to Lighten Your Load

new dental practice management toolsIn an earlier blog I wrote about four income generating dental practice management tools worth exploring: Dental Warranty, Weave, Virtual Dental Office, and DDSGP. I hope you had a chance to learn more about these companies and determine whether they might benefit you, your patients, and your practice. They have certainly proven helpful for many dental practices around the country.

The list doesn’t stop there. I continue to be excited about the amazing services available to make your jobs as dentists and business owners less stressful and more productive. When working with practices, often I see significant savings, increased efficiency, and higher patient satisfaction when outsourcing specific tasks and duties.

Creating a modern office with progressive technology and effective operating systems makes the difference between a thriving practice and a struggling practice. StreamDent®, HR for Health, Fundation, and Dental Intel are resources that can help dental practices become thriving businesses. The following is information about how each could help you.

StreamDent® – StreamDent is the first product of its kind in dentistry. It provides systems and checklists for virtually every process in the dental office all stored safely in the Cloud and accessible to your entire team at any time.

I work with many dental practices to ensure they have the right systems and manuals in place to keep an efficient practice. StreamDent’s virtual Standard Operating Manual makes this information easy for any employee to reference, and can serve as a complete teaching guide for your practice trainers. StreamDent also solves the problem of cross-training. When your patient coordinator is out for vacation, your dental assistant can easily access StreamDent to learn how to handle those front desk duties.

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HR for Health – Human resources is a critical role in the dental practice, but it can be very complicated and overwhelming with all of the legal implications. HR for Health is the leader in providing cloud-based human resource solutions for healthcare professionals. It uses innovative and cost-effective approaches to ensure compliance with all federal and state HR laws. HR for Health allows doctors to benefit from technology usually only available to Fortune 1000 companies by unifying an employment management system, time clock interface, payroll and communication tools in a secure, paperless environment.

HR for Health provides:
– Customized employee manuals
– Paperless employee file management
– State-specific new hire documents
– Compliance time clock
– Payroll
– Attendance, absence requests, benefits tracking
– Unlimited HR support

HR for Health is a 2016 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award winner.

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Fundation – Fundation offers a better process to access capital for improvements to your practice. They provide fundamentally smarter dental practice loans at highly competitive rates and repayment terms, which allow you to focus on improving and maximizing your business instead of worrying about money. Each loan and repayment terms are specifically designed around your individual needs. Foundation’s team of industry experts are committed to making the borrowing process as easy as possible, so you can get the dental practice financing you need when you need it.
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Dental Intel – Dental Intel is a web-based practice intelligence platform that helps thousands of dental practices around the country use data to improve patient care and practice performance. Dental Intel does this by showing dentists, and their teams, key data hidden within their practice management software, data enabling them to take effective action. Many of Dental Intel’s customers are reporting double-digit production increases as a result of implementing Dental Intel’s solutions into their practice. From dentist to front desk administrator – practices can utilize an easy platform to discover, understand, and act upon meaningful information and real practice intelligence.

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I will continue to keep abreast of new products and services and let you know about the ones that I believe can truly benefit you and your practice.

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