Why hire a dental practice management consultant?

  • To Capture Lost Income:  Most dental practices are leaking money from various “cracks” in operating systems.  A dental practice management consultant knows how to locate these leaks, capture the income, and fix the cracks. You have earned this money; don’t let it slip through your fingers!
  • Dental Patient ValueTo Attract and Retain Patients:  A practice management consultant designs an internal and external marketing plan to fit the needs of your practice and location. They can train your team in a way that will attract and RETAIN new patients.
  • To Establish Safe Hiring Processes:  A dental practice management consultant establishes and trains you and your team on best-practice systems for successful hiring, training, and developing of your current and future team. So you don’t hire an embezzler or your biggest headache for the next ten years!
  • To Increase the Value of Your Dental Practice:  If retiring or selling is in your near future, a dental practice management consultant will design and train systems to make your practice more attractive to buyers and easy your transition.
  • To Update and Upgrade the Dental Practice You Purchased:  Often dentists buy practices that are “a bit behind the times.”  A practice management consultant will know and can teach you and your team how to bring your customer service, operating systems, and performance into the 21st century.
  •  To Protect you from Threats: Dental practice embezzlement, lawsuits, fraud, and data hacking are some of the many threats dentists face, practice management consultants train, as well as install checks and balances, documentation, and systems to help protect you and your practice.
  • Dental Team ProductionTo Transform Employees into Engaged Team Players:  A dental practice management consultant teaches best-practices for human-resource systems and uses training techniques, which develops your employees into a high functioning team that is dedicated, committed and productive.
  • To Provide Business Expertise and Best Practices:  You were trained to be an accomplished dentist, and no doubt you are; it is a full-time job and the most productive use of your time. Few dentists are trained in business management. A dental practice management consultant can fill this gap, save you valuable production time, and prevent costly mistakes.
  • To Establish Achievable Budgets and Goals:  Practice management consultant design, train, and evaluate goals based on your practice’s performance and the industry averages.
  • To Allow You to Expand Your Dental Business:  Plan to buy another dental practice, set up a satellite, or buy a number of practices?  Practice management consultants design systems, train employees, develop teams, evaluate practices, and make these type of plans not just possible…but successful!

Hiring a dental management consultant can help you meet and exceed your goals!

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