Sandy Baird Dental Client Testimonials

Dental Practice Testimonials

I was working five 11 hour days with no lunch in a small rural practice. I was totally burned out and ready to quit when my wife suggested that I call Sandy Baird at Baird Concepts.

Sandy came in and watched our office work for a week and interviewed all my staff. The changes she proposed formed us into a true team. In addition, once we implemented her systems to run each aspect of the office, we quadrupled the production of the office in a few short months. This was in a four day work week with an hour of free time at lunch each day. My staff was happier, which spilled over into the patient base.

When I sold the practice, my broker said it was the most profitable practice that he had ever listed, including the big Atlanta practices. Thank you Sandy! Learning to manage our office in the right way has made a huge difference in my quality of life both before and after retirement. I can’t thank you enough for changing my practice for the better in every way. Without your help I would not have been able to retire, and if I had, our quality of life would have taken a major hit in our “Golden Years”.

– Dr. David Robertson

Sandy was an integral part of opening my own practice as a new dentist. She helped me in every way from hiring to implementing systems that work.  Six years later, I have a profitable dental practice in a difficult economy, and it is all founded on her framework for a successful practice.

– Dr. Jessica Minton

I have known Sandy for over 20 years. She is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people that I know. Sandy has always promoted excellence in dentistry management, efficiency in the dental office, and team enhancing skills. She has been instrumental in establishing many systems that we currently use in our office on a daily basis. Sandy is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping not only the dentist, but every team member in the dental practice achieve their maximum potential.

– Diane RDA, Practice Coordinator

I would highly recommend Baird Concepts for dental consulting! After trying a few previous consultants, I was relieved to find one that would actually listen and cater her expertise to my individual practice. I was a new dentist that had bought a very busy practice with great potential for more growth in a small town. I had no idea how to create systems that would help manage the practice and engage the staff as well. Within a small amount of time, I experienced more profit and knowledge of how I obtained that profit. – Leif Swanson, DDS

– Leif Swanson, DDS

I first met Sandy Baird when she was hired as a consultant for our dental office. From the start, she was a pleasure to work with, upbeat, positive, knowledgeable, and professional. I was able to work with her with our group as well as some one-on-one projects and enjoyed the time with her very much. She was always there with a helpful idea or suggestion for whatever we threw at her! I would highly recommend her if you are considering a consultant to work with your dental team. You won’t be disappointed. – Cindy, Scheduling and Patient Coordinator at Winchester Family Dentistry

– Cindy, Scheduling and Patient Coordinator at Winchester Family Dentistry

I am thrilled to say that the business skills and principles we learned from the Baird Dental Management program has lead to our business being more productive, profitable and more interesting to all in our dedicated team. We are allies providing exceptional customer care, while taking care of our business and therefore one another. – Angela, D.D.S., Lunn Dentistry

– Angela, D.D.S., Lunn Dentistry